Hello everybody! 

As you already know I am spending my summer vacations on Crete. I posted a post describing my usual day and for today I prepared a more stylish post: what I put on everyday and what doesn’t fail me in this heath. We traveled with a carry on only so I didn’t bring a lot of stuff but that is not a problem. Every day I dress pretty similar so I call these outfits my summer vacation uniform.

In the morning the air is very hot and there’s not much wind so I always put on something light. Currently I am obsessed with this very light olive color day dress and I wore it pretty much straight for a week. If I am not in the dress then I am in blue shorts I mentioned in my june favorites and a airy vest top. That is also my beach outfit. 

The next three hours I spend in my swimming suit I found in Hervis just a week before leaving for Greece. They are very comfy and dry fast.

After we arrive back to the house I change or I simply stay in the same clothes I put on in the morning. 

Around half seven I start to get ready to go in the town. This includes a bit of make up and an outfit change. If we are going to eat at some place that it’s more fancy I opt whether for my blue and white off the shoulder dress from Mango or black and white one that I picked up last year in H&M. But if we decide to go just for a stroll I choose less formal outfit, a pair of more structured shorts and a nicer vest top. 

On my feet I put trusted sandals that I picked last year on sale or simple flip-flops for the beach.

And you do you have a few pieces that can always trust and put on?


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