I have been on vacation now for two weeks and we started to create a habit of how our day goes. I usually wake up around 8 because my room has windows on the east side and the sun rises at 6 and quickly becomes very powerful. Then I dress up and brush my teeth and refresh my face. I start the day with drinking 2 dl of cold lemonade and countinue it with breakfast, usually some musli and yogurt or some bread with jam or localy made honey. Around 9 half of the family is still asleep so I have the time to be outside and work on my blog or simply relax. Two hours later or so all members are awake and full so we head to the beach. We have 4 beaches that are close to us and 4 that are a little further away. As soon as we arrive to the beach we have chosen we dip in the sea and stay at the beach around 3 to 4 hours. Usually we are hungry at this time so we eat watermelon or some other fruit. After being a bit less hungry we do nothing and then start to prepare lunch. We eat at 4 or half 5 and after lunch I work on my blog or just watch some movie or search interesting things to do while we are here. As soon as the sun starts losing the power and the temperature drops we go to local supermarket to buy food for the next few days. We countinue the day with visiting marina where my father works on his boat. The boys then play football and we go to city center. We stroll around and discover new shops. The sun sets quite early around 9 and as soon as the dark falls we all gather up and decide whether we will go and eat in local restaurant or we are going home and eat dinner there. The night ends with a round of game of cards.

That’s my classic day while on vacation, of course there are days where we visit other places or towns, but still there are far more days like the one I described above. 

Do you have a routine on vacation?


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