We all know how important it is to protect the skin and other things from sun. And we also know how to do that: applying sunscreen several times a day, avoiding sun between 11 and 3 and other. But sometimes all that fails and you get sunburned. I have experienced that not that long ago and I thought I’d share with you what helped me to recover from sun burns as quickly as possible. 

Step 1: When you come home from the beach and start feeling like you got burned the first thing you have to do is to jump in the shower. Cold water will wash away all the dirt, sand and sea salt that could irritate your skin and make the burns more painful. 

Step 2: On dried skin apply plain yogurt. If you have the greek one in the fridge even better. It’s firmer and will stay on the skin easier. You leave it on for around 20 minutes and then you wash it off with cold water. Yogurt will add that very much needed moisture to the skin and will help to cool it down. 

Step 3: Apply any product made out of aloe vera. This will soothe the skin and add moisture. If you have the plant itself even better, just cut a thick leaf and apply the gel on the skin.

Step 4: After doing all three steps your skin should be more calm and cool. The last step is to stay away from direct sun at least for two days, that way you prevent more sun burns.

These are the steps that help me a lot. If you get sun burnt try these out and let me know how did go. But of course take care of your skin before the burns and not just after. 


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