Most people workout in their normal day to day life, but on vacation everything stops. If you are happy that way, great. But perhaps you do want to do some exercise here and there on vacation, especially if you are going for longer period of time. Here are my favorite activities that I do to keep in good shape and to stay strong.

Instead of taking an elevator every time you leave your hotel room, choose stairs. If you really don’t like them, do it in one way. For example, if you are going to breakfast, choose stairs and when you are coming back (with full belly) take an elevator. Simple but effective.


Swimming is great for all the muscles in a body. It is especially good for those who have some bone issues and can’t do much. Why? When you swim you don’t really apply any pressure on your knees, ankles and other joints. In the summertime swimming is great: you cool down and add a few lengths to your regular swimming distance and you’ll be feeling all the muscles next day. If swimming becomes boring, put on a snorkeling mask and observe sea life. I guarantee you that you won’t be bored.

When you finish with your activities in the water you want to warm up. Grab a ball and start playing beach volleyball. That way you can make new friends, if you don’t have a group of friends with you) and do some exercise. If you don’t enjoy in volleyball, then find other beach sport or activity.


If you are staying in a city, then instead of taking public transportation, go on foot. Of course that only applies to smaller cities. You can also choose cycling to near beach or monument.

Lastly for those who aren’t into outside working out. You can continue your normal routine in fitness, but if you are staying in hot country then I would recommend you changing it up a bit. Extend the time of your workout and do less intensive programme. Instead of opting for cardio, choose pilates or yoga. That way your body won’t be overheating.


What else do you do on your vacations or you just relax in the shadow taking time off?



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