​​Yesterday we traveled from Slovenia to Greece. We were changing location for 12 hours so I tought I will show you how the day went by. We started very eary, at around 6 we woke up, packed up all the little things, eaten some breakfast and cleaned the apartment. Our neighbour kindly picked us at 7.30 and dropped us off at local bus station where other family members were waiting. Together we traveled to Venice. The drive was very smooth and quick as we arrived in around 2 hours. Our flight was scheduled for one pm so we had plenty of time. We dropped one suitcase (my mother said that we need it as we are planning to bring home quite a bit of stuff), got some coffee and went through security. After secutity check comes my favorite part-the duty free area. This airport (Marco Polo International Airport) has a pretty large area and I picked up a perfume from a brand that I have never heard of. But I will tell you about that in another blog post that it’s coming your way very soon. Once we got on the plane we relaxed, read a magazine and we even got a meal. That was quite a surprise and the food was very good. They served us some pasta with cheese sauce, a cookie made out of rosemary, olive oil and flour and tasted more like a bread and a pack of crackers. Again the flight was very pleasant and we arrived at half 5 at local time (which is an hour ahead of my hometown one). Next we picked the luggage and my father was already waiting for us. Then we visited the local supermaket to get some food and later we drove to the town that we are staying at. After a quick walk through marina we bought a cell-phone card and headed to the house. We all felt very tired after a proper 12 hours of traveling, but of course the night couldn’t finish without a game of cards. At 11.30 I finally got to bed and fall asleep right away. 

This was quite intense travel and although I feel no jet lag I still haven’t got used to local time. What was the longest transit you have ever done? 

The airport of Marco Polo Venezia


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