1. No school, which means free time to do whatever makes me happy and I can finish with things that I didn’t had the time for during school year.
  2. The ability to earn some money, I am too busy during the school year and working in summer can bring me a lot of money.
  3. Going to the seaside, I absolutely can’t imagine a summer without going to the seaside for at least a week.
  4. Getting dressed in five minutes. No bothering with putting socks on and tying yourself in a big scarf.
  5. Swimming in the sea and doing all activities you can do at the beach.
  6. Spending time with my family and friends. My extended family lives all over Europe, so in summer we all take time and go on a group vacation.
  7. Eating ice-cream without having a sore throat next morning. Always happens to me unless outside is hot.
  8. Sleeping outside in just a tent, although I must admit the mosquitoes are my enemies.
  9. Longer days, I enjoy that day light lasts until half past nine pm. You can do so much more, and it if very helpful as in hot countries you can do more active stuff after 8 pm.
  10. It is my birthday in July. No having a birthday cake for past 10 years might be a thumb down, but it is still special to me celebrating my special day with pizza and cold drinks.





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