A few days had passed and now we are continuing with summer trips. Today I won’t take you to Italy, but to Croatia. Many people know it by its beautiful islands, beaches and nightlife. And you are not wrong, Croatia has those things, but also offers so much more. So let’s dive in and visit a few more towns.

1.Umag and Buje

Both towns are very pleasant and build in true Istrian architecture, that involves a lot of stone houses. First stop is in Buje, a very small, but picturesque town. You can take a lot of photos, walk around wine roads, eat in local restaurant. Try local wine and olive oil. Nice things to do are visit church tower, church and museum. After you have enough walking around, you can pop to Umag. Perhaps you heard for a big tennis tournament Umag Open that happens in summertime. It is really nice to watch the locals and walk next to sea. If you want to feel like a true tourist then walk the street full of souvenirs. there are some really nice boutiques and a gallery to visit. There is also a city wall and big doors that are interesting to visit.  It is even nicer if you visit it before main season, because in summer the town gets really full of tourists. We ended the day with pizza in local restaurant as that had become quite a tradition.









The capital city of Croatia is often overlooked for those nice next-to-sea-located-towns. But it’s really beautiful and worth visit. If you arrive with a train you have a big zoo right next to train station. A must to do when in Zagreb is also visit the local market, park and other very nice monuments. You can also make it a shopping trip with visiting all the malls Zagreb is offering. This description is a little short, but only because i have yet to discover more of Zagreb.



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