Living in Europe has a lot of up and down sides. I am more optimistic than pessimistic, so I will concentrate on bright sides. One of those is a lot of different things and cultures in relative small space, that makes traveling a lot easier. For instance, it takes less than two hours to another country. I try to make the most of that so we often visit some new places near us. Today I will talk you through two trips and in the next blog post I will add two more. Let’s focus on Italy, the land of pasta, pizza and fashion.

1.Trieste and Miramare castle

Trieste is quite a big city with interesting architecture. It used to be a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire so it doesn’t look like typical Italian city. But the look is one thing and feeling is other. As soon as you’ll take a more deep look, you will find small caffees, Italians drinking and smoking with that slow gestures and yes, in my opinion people dress nicer. I like to visit the city on sunny, more warm days because the local wind, called bora in Italian, can get really strong and cold. Bring a scarf no matter which season is.The city offers a lot of brands that we don’t have, so it is a tradition that you shop at least a little when you are there. There are a lot of beauty brands such as Sephora, Kiko, Mac, WYCON and others. Those who aren’t interested in shopping can walk around, a very nice area is around the big pier, have a coffee near main square (and not actually at the square, unless you are prepared to pay 10 $ for regular coffee) or walk to a local castle. It is located in the hart of city center, but there are a lot of stairs so be prepared. The castle offer a great view over the city and you can also spot our next destination: The Miramare castle. The name translates as “look at the sea” castle.That’s no coincidence because it stand right next to sea. Inside you can visit a gallery, but if you aren’t interested in art you can walk around big, very nice park outside. The place is perfect to end the day in a relaxing way after a little hectic Trieste.




Trieste with its canals


Piazza Unita, Trieste


Miramare Castle


2. Udine and Palmanova

This one once again combines shopping and sightseeing. First we stop in Palmanova, a small town best known for its shopping outlet. I wouldn’t give it a perfect ten out of the, as sometimes the deals aren’t a bargain. Also it’s quite small so it’s not worth two hour drive. All that can be done in about 4 hours. If you have the time and energy I would highly recommend driving another half an hour and visiting Udine. The town it self it’s gorgeous and the city center is open to pedestrians only. Parking is provided and they offer a really good deals. We walked to local castle, main square with some sort of palace and local church that really reminded me of Duomo in Florence. There are many great looking places to eat, but we headed towards city park, where a lot of food trucks was offering their specialites. If you still want to do some shopping you can do it in the most beautiful (very small, but still) mall I had ever visited. It is called Galleria Bardelli.



Palmanova, outlet village


Galleria Bardelli, Udine


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