1. Take photos of flowers right after rain, very early or very late in the evening to capture colors the best. Also, the photo becomes more interesting if it is taken from above or the side.
  2. Landscape photos will turn out the best if you take them an hour after or before sunset or sunrise.
  3. When you are taking photos in the wood, make sure you do it on a cloudy day. And crop out the ground, that will create illusion of never-ending trees.If you want to show how big the tree is, put aside a subject we all know the size of.
  4. When you are taking a photo of a person at the sunset, put person directly in front of sun so you can’t see the sun.
  5. Find objects colored in strong, powerful colors.
  6. Keep the background simple, if the foreground is very detailed.
  7. Create a theme.
  8. Types of photos that will look best in black and white technique:  everything with texture, interesting shapes, contrasts photos, objects made out of metal
  9. If you want to make the best picture of food, do it near natural light and from above. Keep the background clean and simple.
  10. Last one is two in one: when you take a group photo, create a pyramid of people and when you take photo of just one person, don’t leave a lot of space above the head, sometimes it works best if you crop the top of forehead.

Through my learning about photography I came across very helpful webpage. It is called  . It is very good for travelers because it shows you the best spots for taking photos in various town.


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