In the summertime our routines change. So does weather, temperature and even location, if you are going on vacation. That is one of the most important reasons why you should change your beauty routine too. I like to pick 10 essential products in the beginning of the season and I stick to these 10 products. It is also very helpful to have only a handful of products, so you can pack quickly. These are my essentials, that make my life a bit easier when I am in rush.


I like to switch to oil in the summer. That might not seem like an obvious decision, because usually you need a heavier moisturizer in winter. But for me that’s not the case. I spend a solid five hours in salty water and on the sun in my normal summer day. Oil protects the skin and keeps the moisture longer than any moisturizer that I tried.


It is a very good option to achieve that glorious tan without actually spend long hours on the beach risking your life (skin cancer). My favorite is in oil form and has a few glitters in it. But they give of only a slight shimmer and it looks beautiful. The smell of this particular product reminds me of apricot jam. That’s the way it should be as it is called Fast tanning jam dry oil. For me it really works and I am very happy that I found it.


Mentioned a hundred and one times, but i just had to mention it once again. It is the perfect beach accessory especially when you feel like not wearing any heavy jewelry.


Before you run off to the hairdresser and get a perfect holiday hair, take a second and listen to me. I make an appointment after I came back to town. My hair and any other hair gets extremely damaged. The salt from the sea, the chlorine from the pool and sun combined cause that. So in my opinion wait wit your haircut until you get back and  in the meanwhile use hair masks to make sure the damage won’t be as big as it would be without using a mask.


Add a little bit of sheen to your face. My only advice would be use it in the evening so it won’t look like you sweat like a pig during the day.


Perhaps that’s the thing not everybody need, but I do. My face tannes differently and slower than the rest of my body, so the only way to look like I haven’t fall asleep on the beach is to use this beloved piece of make-up.


Not a product, but a treatment is for us blondes a life savior. This year I tried it for the first time and I’m hooked. No more brow filling every morning and trying to find the perfect shape. Also, it lasts six weeks so I don’t need to worry that one day I will come out of sea with no eyebrows.


You make sure that you choose extra gentle one, because you don’t want to wipe off that summer glow and tan that you worked so hard for.


Sometimes the oil isn’t enough, so you have to find another source of moisture. Besides that you drink plenty of water, put the moisturizing mask on sometimes to provide that moisture to your skin.


It might be the exact opposite to what I wrote in eight point, but summer temperatures can be high and if you still want to wear mascara, you might want to switch to a waterproof one. Nobody wants that raccoon eye, right?



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