Often I feel like playing with make-up, but very rearly anything good comes up. Today I was going through some web pages and got inspired to try and create 90’s look. I spent the latest weekend at the seaside so I got a little tan. I didn’t use foundation because my skin cleared up quite a bit after cutting sugar. Those spots that stayed I covered up with the Catrice Camouflage Creme in 025 Rosy Sand. I think this color it’s a little light for me now, but it worked. I continued with adding some bronze powder all over my face. Next on was highlighter and i don’t know whether was the lighting but I felt like I have never seen this Kiko eyeshadow in 16 that I use as a highlighter, work this good. I filled the brows with standard Catrice Brow Stylist in 20 and made them a little bigger. Moving on the eyes I used this shadow in stick that I picked up last year in Greece. It is by a brand Glamorous and I think it has been discontinued. It is a stunning metal gold shade, but this time it worked more like a cold grey color. This made my eyes look deeper and bigger. I also added a bit of eyeliner, mine is by Essence Longlasting eye pencil in 01 Black fever, and then I smudged it so it looked like less dramatic smoky eye. Finishing with  mascara. Moving on the lips, now I know that more bronze and orange colors are very trendy. So I put on this MaxFactor lipstick in shade number 837 Sunbronze. I never imagined that I would suit orange lipstick, but it did. This one faded quite quickly, but felt very moisturizing on my lips. I think I achieved the look I was going for.



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