I wouldn’t call myself a perfume girl. Perhaps because growing up my mother never wore perfume and every time I smelled a perfume it smelled awful. Things changed less than a year ago when I discovered a scent, that smelled amazing. And so I was hooked. I wanted to discover more scents that would smell great and soon I started imaginating that every month  I should wear different perfume. One day I bravely walked in the store to buy myself a new fragrance and then I saw the price. I knew that perfumes aren’t cheap, but I could not believe that a bottle of perfume costs approximately 80$. So my dreams about perfume a months were washed away. But of course I didn’t know that high street stores also do perfumes. Still I do not buy a new perfume every month, more like every 3 months or I got them as a gift. Here I will present you three different priced perfumes that I feel that smell like summer.

No. 1 is for sure my D&G Light Blue. I bought this one in Greece in a small store for 15$. I liked it so much that I went to Muller and check the price because I wanted another one.  I saw the price and quickly decided that it’s much smarter that I wait another 5 months and buy it in that little store. Out of three it is the one that smells very fresh and citrusy.  I can use it whenever, the smell isn’t overpowering in the heath and it stays on for a decent 5 hours. Personally I think it’s worth every penny as long as you don’t smell it on every second person that walks by.


Second one is from Zara and it was featured in my June favorites, it+s called Twilight Mauve.  It is still fresh, but a lot more floral and sweet than D&G one. Since it’s sweeter I don’t like to use it on very hot days or at least not when I am going to be in small spaces, because the sweet note can be very sickly. Longevity goes hand in hand with price as it costs around 7$ and lasts for 2-3 hours tops. Also, I have to add that I can smell  the top notes for the longest and other ones practically disappear.


The last one is from H&M. Unfortunately I don’t know what’s called, because the name has rubbed off. This one is  a perfume oil and it’s very practical. I like that because often I don’t apply perfume on at home and I keep this one in my purse and I can apply it on the bus and don’t disturb anybody. The smell it’s very spicy, I can smell cinnamon. In the summer this is my evening, more sophiscticated fragrance. In this case the previously used line: longevity goes hand in hand with price, definitely doesn’t apply. The price was 10$ and after 4 months of using it I still didn’t use it even half. It stays on for good 8 hours.




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