When I finished primary school I also finished with regular volleyball practices and I needed to replace that. I wanted to stay in good shape and form. My current routine consists of four to five workouts a week. Twice a week I do Jillians Michael Cardio Kickbox, an absolute leg killer. It really concentrate on legs and cardio and it is very good for when I need a rest from ab workouts.  It lasts 20 minutes and it is the most difficult workout in my routine. Together with Cardio Kickbox I do a ten minute workout from Fitness Blender. What I choose depends on how I feel and which body part isn’t too sore. Other days I do Jillian Michael Six Packs Six Weeks and a workout from Blogilates. I really like this combo because even if the workout from Jillian Michaels sounds as an absolute ab killer it really isn’t. Saying that you must know that I only do half of the workout, that’s approximately 20 minutes. I adore Cassie from Blogilates, but the moves she creates are a real challenge. If I am not feeling 100% then I will do the routine with great difficulty. Music is mandatory and so it’s lots of fresh air. For around three months I also ran three km three times a week, but now the weather it’s too hot and if I wanted to run, I would have to get up at five in the morning and although I am a morning person this hour doesn’t really sounds pleasant.

That’s my workout routine. Sometimes I remember to stretch afterwards and sometimes I am just too tired to do that. For me it works best if I workout at the same hour every day, so it becomes part of my day. Recently I found youtube channel The Lean Machines and I really liked their workout so I will try to add their workout to my routine.


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