I know that summer essentials have to be light, airy and preferably in light color. But it stops here. So it thought I would write down a list of things that make my summer morning dilemmas what to wear much less frequent. I divided the items in three groups.

First group are CLOTHES:

  • Swimming suit, at least two pairs, no matter what type, best if in lighter colors so they don’t change the color when they are in direct sun light, put it on the list only if you actually go and swim in the summertime
  • Beach cover up, for when you want to hide from the sun or you have to go somewhere and can’t be just in a bikini
  • Day-dresses, amazing for when it is too hot to wear pants, but you can’t go out in a bikini, they are also very comfortable
  • Dress, one for special occasions or just for somethnig a little bit fancier
  • Tops, I like my summer tops to be a little bit bigger, so I don’t feel suffocated
  • Shorts, you will wear shorts together with your tops, so make sure that you chose the color that goes with majority of tops, I always have one pair of loose shorts,that aren’t formal, and at least one more formal shorts
  • Light jacket, if you go out very early in the morning or late in the evening you need to have something to throw over your top
  • The most important thing is that the material of your clothes are breathable and not in very dark color


Second group are SHOES:

  • Nice sandals, for more formal occasions, dinners in nicer restaurants, if wanted with heel
  • Everyday sandals, the one pair you’ll spend most time in, when going to the beach, going for a stroll..
  • Flip-flops, no matter how ugly they’re as long as they are comfortable
  • Walking shoes, for hiking or doing any other activity, I usually take my trainers, but the ones that are made from lighter material
  • Espadrilles, they aren’t a must, but came really handy when you want to wear something without open toes

The last group are ACCESSORIES, for creating unique looks:

  • Straw hat, I choose this one because it’s super light and airy
  • Sunglasses, perhaps two pairs, one nicer one and one that you won’t be mad if they are stolen or broken
  • Big earrings, in the summer I don’t feel like wearing a lot of jewellery that I can feel on my  skin, so earrings are perfect and also they add a little bit of glamour to an outfit
  • Big beach bag, for putting in all the things you will possibly need on the beach
  • Clutch, for evenings or formal events, and for when you don’t need to take a lot of stuff with you



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