The things I brought from Crete  last year were the classic tourist one. There were souvenirs like postcards, local made jewelry, rocks… But since then I discovered youtube channel The Grecian square. She is a gorgeous girl that often raves about Greek beauty  brands. Among those are:

  • Korres, a great brand for skincare and natural make up, I might try some of their make-up
  • Apivita, another beauty brand with  masks that make amazing resauts , I want to try their masks, they are quite reasonably priced
  • Erre due, drugstore brand with higher priced quality
  • Seventeen, I think that is a brand similar to Essence, some of their stuff is amazing, but some not so much

I just thought of   a perfume I bought  in this little shop. They were offering all sorts of well-known perfumes, but for much less. I picked up D&G Light blue and I regret picking only that, so this year I will definitely buy some more.

Next on the list are clothes. In this town where we are going they have amazing boutiques and although the prices are slightly higher I still think it’s worth it, because nobody will have the same piece once back home, they are very good quality and locally made and they will forever remind me of summer with the rest of my family.

Third thing is a pair of cheap sunglasses, that i won’t be too sad or mad if I somehow manage to break them. To protect me from the sun I’ll buy a straw hat, because it’s still very light, but offers a decent shade and protection.

I definitely have a thing for Greek food and one thing that I can’t get enough of is this thing I know under the name of Turkish honey and it’s very similar to Spanish turron.

What do you think about my list? Is there another thing I should buy or try?



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