At the end of June the weather had finally warmed up and became more stable at least at the seaside. My grandparents went to the seaside a week earlier and my mom and I thought we’ll pay them a visit because we won’t see them for a month. We set of very early and after approximately four hours of driving, getting stuck in traffic and visiting a supermarket we finally reached our destination: Premantura. My family owns piece of land, where we stay during the day and spend the night in local camp. First we ate some breakfast, after that we went to the beach. The water was calm, clear and much warmer than I expected. Together with my grandma we swam the entire bay and later sunbathed. After another swim with my grandpa we headed up to the lot to eat lunch. Then I did some work, wrote a few blogposts and did some brainstorming. Along with coffee and cookies we played cards and other games. Then the temperature was starting to cool and so we went for a lovely walk where I took the pictures placed under blog post.Later on we had diner and visited old friends and so there was no time for going to the very small city center. Next day we woke up early and for two hours we were building a gazebo, that is now placed right next to the caravan. After arrival to the lot we had breakfast, popped to the sea and then had an early lunch. After lunch my mother took a nap, I did some work and my grandpa made coffee. Around half six we took off and started to travel back to home. The highway was pretty busy and it took us more than we expected. We stopped to get some food and at eight o’clock we were at home. I was super tired, so I showered and hit the bed.

The weekend was perfect proper start to summer and I had really enjoyed being all relaxed and actually swim. Hope you enjoyed this post and here are some pictures I took.



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