Today is  the first of July and so I thought I would share which items I used over and over in the past month.


Although I bought this shower gel in the beginning  of the year I started using it more often only now. It’s by a brand Yves Rocher, which is an amazing french brand that sells a lot of natural products. Mine is a yellow peach one and smells incredibly good. The best way to describe it is to say that it’s a mixture between a sweet and refreshing smell. Works great as relaxing and refreshing shower gel. Another plus is the price, it costs around 10$ for 500mL. Another beauty favorite is a new one. Last week I picked up this perfume in Zara. For one who just wants a nice and not too expensive perfume Zara is the answer. The bottle is in  a really nice shade of purple and the finish is sort of matte. It’s called Twilight Mauve and it is described as a floral scent, but for me is more oriental one. In the beginning smells almost like a mans deodorant, but then develops in something more spicy. Still it is very fresh and appropriate for summer months.




The first favorite is a pair of navy blue suede espadrilles. They have about 2 cm heel which makes them the perfect pre-summer shoe. The weather in June wasn’t very summery and warm so sandals were a no-no, but they were perfect. I especially like that they add such a casual vibe to an outfit.I will add them in the Crete suitcase, as they will be perfect for a little bit less warm evenings. Next are these shorts from H&M, bought in the beginning of June for about 15$. They are very light and airy. They are very casual, but still smart enough to run errands with them on.




In this category I will share with you which brands or people I discovered through social media. One of two accounts I started to follow belongs to Susannah Bonaldi from Hellooctoberxo. She is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger and youtuber from UK that I have been following for a while, but recently I started to notice that she has really stepped up the game. I like her latest content and the pictures are great quality. The other is Zanna Van Dijk, a personal trainer from London. I also follow her on Snapchat and her workouts are giving me a lot of needed motivation when it comes to exercising.



I like working out. I feel great afterwards and maybe not so great the next morning, but I feel like I gained some muscle in the past month with doing the following routines. For four times a week I got myself in a workout gear and did workouts from Jillian Michaels repertoire. I was alternating between cardio kickbox, a leg killer, and six packs six weeks, a bit easier mix between cardio and abs exercises.

That’s all for June. June was an amazing month, my school year was finally finished and the weather was slowly, but steady started to get warmer. What have you been loving lately?


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