In the description of the blog I had written that I will also write about beauty and make-up. Today I am packing for one month vacation in Greece and so I thought I would share with you what I’m packing. Keep in mind that we only have hand luggage therefore no product is allowed to be over 100mL. Let’s get started. For a daily and night time moisturizer I have chosen the Green Line mattifing moisturizer that feels very refreshing and calming on the skin. I don’t use foundation in the summer time because when I spend half of my day in salty water I think it is really not necessary for me to use it. If I need coverage or just to even my face with the rest of my body I use the Catrice sun and glow matte bronzing powder, in the shade for medium skin. I use it with my Ebelin brush. If you apply too much powder it will start to cake up and start to look orange so I wouldn’t recommend it to heavy users. On the bright side, it was really difficult form me to find a powder that doesn’t have any shimmer, and this one doesn’t. I give it a solid 3,5 out of 5. Sometimes I want to add a little something to my face and that is when I use my Essence quattro eyeshadow. Bought four years ago, and in that time I already used the lightest two shades, so I replaced the empty spots with a golden and bronze eyeshadow from a random palette with no name. To apply the shadows I use a brush from a brand called Body&Soul, I use the one that it’s meant for concealer, but it works great as an eyeshadow brush.In the bag will also go a small, compact mirror. Also, I will pack up a very trendy piece: a highlighter. I don’t use it a lot at home, but I feel like it will work great with the tan. Mine is from an excellent drugstore brand Kiko. It is actually an eyeshadow in champagne color in the shade 16. Now, lip things. I will only pack two items because I want to pick up some goodies while on vacation. To prevent my lips getting chapped, I will use the Yves Rocher lip balm in  orange confite and amande. For more special occasions I’ll be able to choose between Kikos smooth temptation lipstick in shade 05 and a lipliner from WYCON also in shade 05. One is in a lovely nude-pink color and the other one is a more of a burgundy one. To add some color to my brows I will use my faithful Catrice brow stylists  in shade 20. Fragrance wise, I will take my H&M perfume oil, that smells spicy and orientally. For my nails I will take two nail polishes: a nude one, the safe option that never fails, and a bright coral one that goes great with tan. I can’t forget hair tie, bobby pins and some cotton buds. A good sunscreen is a must, together with travel sized shampoo and body wash.

My make-up bag is from House doctor:             over/bags/Ls0370


My entire make-up laid out



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