Good morning everybody!

For today’s post I decided to stay in the same category as yesterday: travel. I love summer and I wish it would last longer, but with with free time that I have i can’t help myself to not think about next trip. Mentioned too many times (that I am a student), but only because this is my biggest obstacle, of course it is right there next to money. My school year starts in September and although I have only two weeks from September to December I still have quite a few trips in stage of preparation. My friends and I really want to visit Lisbon in autumn as we read it’s the perfect time with mild temperature and less crowd and tourists as in the summer time. The best place for us is in a rented apartment. We did some calculating and it would actually cost each of us just 80 $ to stay there for four nights. Crazy cheap, right? Indeed, but the catch is in getting there. We looked up all possible airlines, but because we couldn’t find a return flight that costs less than 180 $ we decided to wait a bit with the searching mission and continue in September. With Lisbon currently out of our price range I started looking for other potential trips. Quite a bit different than Lisbon, but still very high on my travel list, I found Prague. Many of my friends already visited this city and they are recommending it to me.Another reason why I am leaning toward Prague is also the price. I found 3-day tour for just under 100$. Next free days for me are around Christmas and New Year. A place that we are planning to hit for New Year is Budapest. It’s quite close to us and we would probably take the train and find cheap hostel or just book an organized tour with one of the agency offering special events for New Year’s Eve in Budapest. The cost of this will hopefully be around 130$.

This post was a long one, so I hope I didn’t make it too long or boring. I would love to hear your thoughts on my trips planned and please leave a comment, and please let me know if you already visited one of this cities.



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