Let’s continue with the topic of travelling. As I wrote in previous post I don’t travel as often as I want, but still in this year I had quite a few travels planned and there are a few more coming.

I started the year on Croatian soil, as my friends and I celebrated new’s year eve in small city of Novigrad and then we visited a few other towns around it. We visited Poreč, and I visited Poreč for the first time. It’s a historic old town with houses made of stone like a lot other Istrian towns. People usually visit it in the summer town, but I think it is worth visit all year long.


In February my family and I went on a traditional skiing trip to Italy. For the fourth time we stayed in Peio, however we drove 20 minutes to a big skiing area called Folgarida-Marilleva. Last year we took the local bus to get from our apartment to skiing area, but this year they changed the schedule and the time of arrival or departure wasn’t the best for us. All in all it has been a lovely trip with my extended family, we played games, strolled around Peio and even had a few snowfights.


March was very busy with school and with preparation on exchange that my school prepared for us, but we still manage to go on a day trip to Trieste and a small shopping trip.


The exchange took place on the second week in April. My class got Serbia. At first I wasn’t very excited, because it seem too close. Usually classes got Spain, Germany or The Netherlands or other countries that are higher on my list of visiting. But once we got there (the train journey took us 12 hours) it was different than I expected. I stayed in the city center and it was very green and nice. But as soon as you went further away from the center the less greenery was there and more half-demolished buildings.


Following in May we had crazy weather and it even snowed on first of May. But luckily we took the chance when the weather was a little bit nicer and decided to visit Udine. It’s a city in northeastern Italy. It is the right size to discover all the important places in one day. We did a bit of shopping, visited the local castle and in a big park eat some amazing food as part of open kitchen  festival with a lot of food trucks.


In June my school year ended and to celebrate that I went on a small trip to Croatian coastline. My family owns a trailer in local camp and we used to go there every summer. Th town of Premantura is situated  on the southern part of Istria, with beautiful cape Kamenjak offering a lot of small and different bays.


Now I decscribed all my travels in the past half year. Like you see I usually do one trip a month. For the following months all I know and already planned is that we are going to Greece for a month in July. Hopefully we will see a lot of new things and towns. After this vacation I will let you know where I want to go in autumn months.




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