Many people want to visit the world and I am one of them. However my studies don’t leave me with a lot of time or money, so I travel on budget and perhaps not as far as I would want, but instead I am re-discovering places that I already have been to and discovering smaller, less known places that are usually near my home. Members of my family are not travel persons, which makes my job (convincing my family to go somewhere new) a lot harder. But after a few of our trips my mom started to like them and decided that would be great if we would go somewhere every month, of course not every month we actually succeed going, but the important thing is that now my family actually thinks of travel.

Speaking of travel, I know that many people don’t like the process of probably waking up early, go on a bus and get on the destination all tired and in desperate need of shower, but I do. I like how you have to do something unpleasant to get there, I like the rush when you are running to the bus and I even like the feeling of tiredness after arriving, because I experienced something. To finally answer the title, why travel, let start with discovering new cultures and traditions. Very important to is that I get to use the languages that I am studying at home in an authentic environment, use that knowledge to survive or just live easier abroad. But sometimes the reason why I want to go somewhere isn’t as deep as the ones I mentioned earlier. Sometimes I go to a new place because they have better stores or brands that we don’t have.

To finish I would like to say that travelling includes so many different things is probably hard to count all of them, but for me these are the ones that make me love travelling.



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