First blog post

Welcome to my very first blog post ever. I decided to try and create an experiment blog that I will run for a short period of time to see how the world of blogging truly works. Hope you will enjoy on this journey as much as I want to, so welcome to my blog and mind.

So, what can you expect from my blog? As I am a person with many interests the blog will be full of different posts about my life.  But because I am still in school I can not travel as much as I would like, and also as a student I am on budget therefore I am always on the hunt for good deals. Beauty industry reached to me through youtube, a place where I started to learn how to do smokey eye, winged liner and other, for me, complicated things. Now, I enjoy testing and trying different make up, but keeping it mostly in drugstore range, with an exception of a few bits that were gifted to me. Let’s move onto fashion. For me fashion is a form of art and expression, and I love designing. my biggest dream is to have my own brand, but for now I just try create an unique look in a world where mass industry took over, and so everyone dress alike. Trying how to change a look, to not look the same as the other girls in school, isn’t easy, but I enjoy in doing that more than in anything else.

After reading this you might feel like this blog is going to be full of different stuff and you are right, it is going to be. I will try my best to cover as much as it will be possible and also I want to get more in depth than just saying what my favorite lipstick of the month is.




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